PN says government needs a long-term plan on tourism

The Partit Nazzjonalista said that the government is not giving due importance to the quality of tourists which visit Malta. The party’s spokesperson on Tourism Robert Arrigo said that in a recent meeting with the PM Robert Abela, the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association spoke at length on the need for a long-term plan for the country in relation to tourism. He said that the MHRA expressed its concern that the absence of long-term planning in general and in tourism, in particular, was affecting sustainability and peace of mind for investors, operators and works in the field.

Robert Arrigo and the party spokesperson on infrastructure Toni Bezzina said that the government was employing an economic model which relied on increasing the population rather than increasing the production. They insisted that over the past 6 years, the population has increased by over 18% which has exacerbated the density of the population in Malta as well as other problems like traffic and pollution.

The spokespersons said that the PN is determined to offer a political alternative based on a continuous dialogue with the people.