PN Santa Luċija sectional committee condemns threatening behaviour towards activists


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista’s Santa Luċija sectional committee has condemned the aggression suffered by activists protesting the felling of trees in the locality and a journalist who was reporting from on site, last week.

In a statement the PN Santa Luċija sectional committee stressed that such behaviour is unacceptable.

The sectional committee observed that the activists were protesting against the felling of trees making up Santa Luċija’s green lung, adding that the garden and the jogging track have only been upgraded two years ago. The sectional committee reminded that the upgrading cost was €90,000 out of taxpayers pockets.

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The PN Santa Luċija sectional committee said that the government failed to properly inform the residences about the impact of the project and the works associated with it. It observed that there no consultative meeting was held with the public.

The PN Santa Luċija sectional committee also condemned the locality’s Council saying that the stand it took on the project reflected the government’s propaganda and justified the felling of the trees.

Many mature trees were removed in the latest controversial road-widening exercise.

The sectional committee urged Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg to revise the plans for the locality, proposing that the tunnel would be extended and its opening would be from Triq tal-Barrani thus chopping down less trees.

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