PN proposes a Superintendent for Climate Change

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A Superintendent for Climate Change was proposed by Partit Nazzjonalista. The Opposition has filed a motion in Parliament in which it proposed the setting up of a National Committee for Climate Change Emergency which will then nominate a person of ‘moral standing and legal wisdom’ to act as the Superintendent for Climate Change. 

The committee will be tasked with keeping Malta on track with its aims in the fight against climate change. The aims should be established by parliament and be in line with the goals set by the EU for its member states. 

The motion was put forward by MPs Jason Azzopardi, David Agius, Frederick Azzopardi and Robert Cutajar.

In a press conference, Opposition and PN leader Adrian Delia said that the committee should propose initiatives for Malta to fight climate change. The committee should be assisted by legal, technical and scientific experts, as well as members of civil society who feel that they should contribute to the initiative.  

The committee which would be composed of five members, three from the government and two from the opposition, would also be tasked with publishing an annual report. 

The motion will be discussed in Parliament on October 17. 

During the same press conference, Opposition spokesperson for the environment Jason Azzopardi, delved into the details of its proposed budgetary measures on the environment. 

PN’s proposals include:

  • introducing actio popularis (an action brought by the public in the interest of public order) in domestic law for environmental issues
  • developing a digital platform bringing together academics, experts, non-governmental organisations and individuals interested in the subject. The platform would provide a space for sharing of ideas, scientific studies and experiences on environmental issues,
  • increased transparency to environmental information related to the decision-making process,
  • each development permit issued should have a set date by which it is completed, thus avoiding unnecessary inconvenience for the community and its residents. 
  • green procurement 
  • SPED is updated 
  • incentives to encourage environmental-friendly measures in new buildings
  • incentives for roof gardens
  • setting up of a Noise Control Board

among other proposals.