Watch: ‘The person with more responsibility than me should do the same’ – resigning Exec President

The Nationalist Party’s resigning Executive President Mark Anthony Sammut, says that he is appealing to ‘whomever has a bigger responsibility than him, to do also .

In his resignation delivered to the media outside PN headquarters Dar Centrali Tal ‘Pieta, Sammut explained that the recent result in the European Parliamentary and Local Council Elections, were ‘the worst political result since the war.’

He added that the current climate within the party is such that ‘no one can speak frankly and anyone who criticises, is considered a traitor.’

Sammut declared his resignation today, saying that he would assuming of responsibility for the PN’s disastrous election results in the European and Local Council election results.

The Nationalist Party lost its third seat in the European Parliamentary Elections and its key local councils; Valletta, Siggiewi and St Paul’s Bay.

Electoral Commission announces names of the 6 elected MEPs

The Nationalists now control 19 councils with the addition of Munxar won last night. The Labour Party currently control 47, two remain undecided.

Watch: 47 localities won by PL; 19 by PN; 2 indecisive

The news comes at the PN discuss the replacement for recently resigned Nationalist MP from Gozo David Stellini.

Kevin Cutajar interested in Stellini’s seat

PN Exec Committee to decide on Stellini replacement; Said says choose Cutajar

His possible replacement could be Mr Kevin Cutajar. Cutajar has been receiving recommendations for the role from PN representatives Rosa Borg and Chris Said.