PN presents economic recovery plan

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Nationalist Party has put forward its proposals for a post-coronavirus economic recovery plan, and is calling for the setting up of a taskforce to ensure that every stakeholder ends up pulling the same rope.

In a press conference this afternoon, PN leader Adrian Delia said that the party carried out a wide consultation exercise before coming up with its 10-point plan.

“This is not the time to be populist, but a time for transformation so that we can be prepared to future realities and make progress. Where we sit together at the same table and pull the same rope for the good of our country,” Delia said.

The PN leader said that the government had failed to provide a clear timeline, and that the opposition thus had a duty to step in. He also argued that the government’s economic strategy, based on continued population growth, left Malta unprepared for the crisis brought about by the pandemic,

A 10-point recovery plan

The proposals were presented by the party’s economy spokesman Claudio Grech, and are based on ten pillars which could serve as the basis of Malta’s economic recovery.

  1. Targeted, temporary and timely aid to enterprises which have been affected by the pandemic.
  2. Instilling investor confidence by reducing uncertainty through a clear timeline of the economic decisions to be made.
  3. Strengthening the relationship between health and the economy.
  4. Seizing the opportunity provided by the crisis to transform Malta’s broken economic model.
  5. Formulating a new social pact involving all constituted bodies, social partners, civil societies and political parties.
  6. Strengthening of Malta’s private health sector.
  7. Creating innovative and comprehensive schemes to help enterprises who wish to transform in line with Malta’s own economic transformation.
  8. Spearheading the formation and growth of sustainable local ecosystems within local industries, to promote a circular economy.
  9. Prioritising public spending on the growth of economic pillars and the strengthening of Malta’s infrastructure.
  10. Utilising EU funding to spearhead economic recovery and transformation after the pandemic.

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