PN, PL need to get their house in order – MEA

The Malta Employers’ Association warned that the country faced a “political and institutional meltdown,” unless the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party got their houses in order.

“On one hand the governing party is mired in an ever-increasing series of scandals. The country’s international reputation is in tatters, which is a serious threat to our economy,” the MEA said.

But it spared no punches when it came to the PN, stating that “the party in opposition is a disorganised mess and is failing miserably to project itself as an alternative government, as is expected from an opposition party.”

The association lamented that society was being betrayed by the political class, and that there was a general loss of faith in leadership and in major institutions such as the law courts and the police.

“Such a state of affairs is untenable and carries the real danger of institutional collapse,” the MEA said.

It warned that no one would win with such an eventuality, and that Malta stood to lose what it worked so hard to achieve since independence.

“Unlike COVID, this is a crisis of our own making which no vaccine will cure. The only way in which we can get out of this hole is by acknowledging the gravity of the situation, putting aside tribal differences, and to have a concerted effort to clean up our act by stamping out crime and corruption. We need to restore core values based on entitlement through hard work, solidarity and tolerance, and a business environment based on trust, enterprise and commitment,” the MEA said.

It also insisted that there was the need to seriously consider parliamentary reform “to attract Malta’s best elements towards the vocation which is politics.”

Additionally, it said, social partners needed to get their heads together “to shake the country out of its state of denial and address this situation concretely before matters reach critical mass.”