PN Parliamentary Group: ‘Stormy’, ‘Inconclusive’ meeting to be continued

Monique Agius

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The meeting held between the members of the Nationalist Party’s parliamentary group was described to as hectic and inconclusive. It has been agreed that the meeting is to continue tomorrow at 6pm, at the party’s building in Tal-Pietá.

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What did the discussion centre around?

There were three main points: regulation regarding the State Attorney; the allegation that the PN worked against David Casa’s election; as well as the allegation that fake profiles were created on Facebook by people within the PN’s building, in order to attack other contenders.

The meeting started before 1.45pm and concluded some two hours later, seeing as PN MPs needed to attend Kevin Cutajar’s appointment as Parliamentary member.

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PN Leader Adrian Delia also surprised the members present as he stated that he wished to know who is to run for the next general election.

State Attorney regulation

The first hour was dedicated to the draft regarding the State Attorney, which has been discussed today in Parliament. Amongst the members present, some expressed disappointment and rage at the fact that such an important law was discussed only a couple of hours prior to Parliament.

PN leader Delia informed those present that he had appointed Carm Mifsud Bonnici to represent the party about this law’s draft. Mifsud Bonnici currently holds the position of the party’s speaker on external affairs.

Chris Said, representant for the Opposition on the Government and Opposition’s committee regarding the amendments to the Constitution, stated that this was a decision that hurt him deeply. He protested that despite his appointment, no one informed him of the Opposition’s view on the draft.

‘PN did not accept a bribe from Yorgen Fenech’

During the meeting, MEP David Casa accused the party of working against his election. However, Secretary General Clyde Puli stressed that there was no collusion of this sort.

The heated argument brought up the accusation ex-candidate David Thake had made during last Friday’s tv programme Xarabank, where he stated that Yorgen Fenech, Tumas Group’s CEO and 17 Black’s owner, had promised to give €50,000 to PN so that Casa is not elected.

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During Xarabank, Delia had told Thake that he knew of nothing of this sort, and that if Thake knew something about it, he should go to the Police. Yorgen Fenech denied the accusation.

During the Parliamentary Group meeting, Delia, Clyde Puli and the Deputy Leader Robert Arrigo strongly denied Thake’s accusation.

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Fake Facebook profiles 

Furthermore, an accusation was made regarding fake profiles having been created on Facebook by people within the PN’s building, in order to attack other contenders as well as Delia’s critics. During the discussion, Delia stated that if anyone knew any names, they should come forward.