“PN must get to work as of now” – Adrian Delia

Head of the Nationalist Party (PN) Adrian Delia said that the PN parliamentary group is due to meet later on this month, as it is normal that the group doesn’t meet up in August.

During the programme Newsline on RTK103FM, Adrian Delia added that this means that members of the group must pull their socks up as of now, and not in the last week before the general election. Delia explained that the parliamentary group meets once a month or so, and reminded that the last meeting was in July.

He also spoke about the issue of immigration during this same interview. 

Delia then went on to discuss the Nationalist Party, saying that he contested to head the party as he wanted to change the way the party does politics, and went on to say that he was elected due to this sense of needing a change. He added that the Maltese truly wanted a change after 25 years of PN in government, which is why there had to be some reflection on the way things have been done thus far.

You can read the main points of the full interview here, as well as watch the full interview for yourself here.