PN MPs take on Malta Today survey

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Nationalists Members of Parliament told unless their party is radically renewed it will neither save itself not it will be able to save the country. The MPs were reacting to the result of the survey published Sunday on Malta Today crediting Chris Fearne with a bigger trust rating than Adrian Delia.

The same MPs, while recognising the strengths of Adrian Delia, noted that this poll confirms that there are voters who have not warmed up to him and will not support him.

Fearne with the highest ratings

Sixty per cent of respondents said that they trust Chris Fearne while only 18% said that they trust Adrian Delia. Moreover a significant number of respondents who said that they vote PN trust Fearne more than they trust Delia.  Fearne’s trust ratings were stronger than those of Robert Abela, Ian Borg and Miriam Dalli.

The survey results showed that although 70% of the respondents want Prime Minister Muscat out either immediately or by coming January, the Partit Nazzjonalista did not benefit from this legal, constitutional and political crisis hitting the Island.

Are rifts in PN the problem?

When asked by whether this gap was principally due to the rifts within the Partit Nazzjonalista, one MP said that he does not believe this to be the case.

“For the past week, it was quiet on the Pieta front. This gap between Fearne and Delia is not an issue of internal divisions. The problem is how people outside the party perceive and trust or not trust the party leader.”

He added that one should recognise the big sacrifices Delia made to enter politics, his good speaking skills and his support with a good chunk of the Nationalist core vote.

“Parliament’s sittings showcase his good debating skills. He constantly and strongly condemns corruption and has taken the Government to court in several cases. But for many people, as the survey shows, this is not enough.”

Voters not supporting Delia

He added that a good number of PN voters have not warmed up to Delia. He believes that Daphne’s attacks on Delia have hurt his credibility.

“It is true that he apologised for the use of the phrase ‘biċċa blogger’ but for many, that was not enough. Remember that she was killed just three weeks after he was elected leader of the PN. This is like Cain’s mark on him.”

Another MP believes that this problem could have been overcome had Delia not asked Simon Busuttil to suspend himself from the Parliamentary Group following the publication of the conclusion of the Egrant report.

Party renewal a must

Another MP said that only the PN can save Malta from the political crisis which very soon could also turn into an economic crisis. He considers both Fearne and Abela as not credible enough since they were part of Muscat’s government and cannot claim that ignorance of the rampant corruption that existed.

Another MP said that many are frustrated that the PN could not take the lead during this crisis, and they made their frustration well known during the recent meeting of the Parliamentary Group.

“Our absence hurts us. And the result of the poll of Malta Today adds insult to injury.”

The MPs we spoke to were of one mind: the PN has to renew its structures and have a leadership team which would be acceptable to all groups within the party and to the electorate at large.

“We need a leader to gel all factions to have a fighting chance for the next election”, they said.

Is there someone within the PN that can do that, asked.

The MPs we contacted believe that there is but preferred not to name names. They just said that the person cannot be someone who occupies or occupied high offices within the party. contacted the Partit Nazzjonalista for comments on the survey but no answers were forthcoming by the time of publication.