PN Mps fuming: no meetings called in the coming days

Neither the PN Parliamentary Group nor the Party Executive have been given notice of meeting so far. About ten PN MPs contacted this morning, complained strongly that neither the party nor the parliamentary group had been advised of any meeting in the coming days. The persons who spoke to said that in the upcoming long weekend, people were planning short family breaks along with the family and they would have appreciated being told of any planned meetings.

The PN party statute contains a proviso that the Parliamentary Group may be called by the leader (of the party) or by any member of the group so long as a third of the parliamentary group agrees. So, in truth, any PN MP could convene such a meeting if a third of the group so agree. However, several MPs contacted said that no one, so far is taking that initiative, not even the Leader of the Opposition. One of the MPs said that there is nothing to marvel at. In an interview on InDepth, former Party Executive President, Mark Anthony Sammut intimated that there seems to be a phobia against the convening of the parliamentary group.

Delia has received several requests from MPs to call a meeting of the Parliamentary group. Delia has reacted by initiating several one-on-one meetings with various MPs. Informed sources said that up to now about half the MPs have been called in, to what is being described as ‘rallying support’, ‘testing the base’ and seeing of can actually still convene a meeting.

Facebook is our only outlet

“We resort to Facebook because we are not given space to discuss anywhere” fume one particular MP who said that over a week after the disastrous poll results no parliamentary group had been called and there seems to be no indication that this indeed, may even be on the leader’s to do list. Some of the Party officials are also very concerned that the glue which holds the party together is disintegrating and that they will be the group of officials whose name will be tied to the split in this historic party. Some party officials, sharing this concern, were also upset at officials who jumped ship and ‘did not stick around to help right the situation’, as one official put it.

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Meanwhile, those who spoke to remarked at the ill-advised participation on the program Xarabank. Sources called this move as a useless exposure to ridicule and censure from a forum which contributes nothing to party cohesion. The sources said that the efforts of the leader at this point should be to unite a clearly fragmented party and not to duel on the media.