PN MP asks for more protection of the unborn

Nationalist Party MP Claudio Grech proposed that the ‘foetus’ (or (tarbija fil-ġuf as he said in Maltese) should be included in the legal definition of minor. He proposed this amendment to the Child Protection Act while speaking in Parliament Monday morning during a discussion concerning financial estimates of the Embryo Protection Authority.

During the same debate Labour Party MP Etienne Grech said that all government members were against abortion.

Show your true intention – C. Grech to Government

Grech said that his proposal gives government the opportunity to reveal its true intentions about the protection of the unborn as it would send a strong signal that government truly believed that the unborn deserved protection as human beings.

The PN MP added that pregnant women who were facing difficulties during their pregnancy and were considering abortion should be given more help by a beefed up package of  social services, whether provided by NGOs or the government. Grech said that also couples with infertility issues should be helped.

PN MP Claudette Buttigieg said that couples who preferred not to have children or could not have children should be treated with great sensitivity. She also appealed to government to provide more psychological help to couples using IVF.

We are against abortion – Etienne Grech

Etienne Grech, a PL MP,  said that all government members were against abortion. He added that though research on embryos, genetic modification and surrogacy were still illegal, there should be more discussion about the potential legalization of surrogacy.