PN MEPs voted to undermine Malta’s economy – PL

Representatives of the Labour Party have accused Nationalist MEPs of voting to undermine Malta’s economy when they allegely supported an EP vote on tax harmonisation.

During a PL press conference held today, the Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri, stated that the actions of PN’s MEPs would’ve, ‘endangered the livelihood of thousands of people in Malta.’

MEP candidate Miriam Dalli added that it would’ve resulted in damaging Malta’s ability to compete.

The PN’s MEPs have denied that they voted in support of tax harmonisation, adding that their political colleagues in the PL had also voted against it.

The argument boils down to votes on a European Parliament resolution on financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance which took place on March 26th this year.

The resolution focused on the issue of foreign directive investment to companies non-domiciled in countries with more laid back tax systems. These include countries like Belgium, Cyprus Hungary and Malta.

The resolution would call on the European Commission to better assess what these company’s roles were as taxable entities inside these particular countries. The resolution would see the creation of a unversal tax system, something with gets considerable opposition from, those who favour Malta’s current tax arrangements.

Dalli referred to a particular amendment put forward by the left-wing GUE group of MEPs which promoted the importance of small EU states national interests and sovereignty in the area of taxation. She said that the Nationalist MEPs voted against this.

The PN MEP’s responded to the statements by the PL by calling them to check their facts.

‘The only MEPs that are in favour of there being a single tax system in all EU countries are the socialist MEPs,” they said. “This was confirmed in both the European Socialists electoral programme as well as the socialists’ candidate for European Commission President Frans Timmermans,’ the joint statement of the PN MEPs said.

This EP resolution was also aimed at dealing with the passport/citizenship schemes which are operated in Malta and Cyprus, as well as the allegations surrounding Maltese PEPs and 17 Black, the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and the transfers of funds connected with the Delimara power station.