Watch: Delia loses the 2nd vote of confidence

Updated 09:24 AM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Additional reporting by: Monique Agius, Joseph Giordimaina and Amy Borg

PN leader Adrian Delia has lost the 2nd vote of confidence in a week after 47 members of the PN Executive Committee voted against a confidence motion in PN leader. 36 members expressed their confidence in Delia. One member abstained.

In his first reaction, the PN leader Adrian Delia said that he will continue to work harder to make sure that the voice and opinion of the party members is respected by all the party structures.

Earlier this morning, sources informed that the PN leader Adrian Delia was refusing to call for a vote of confidence.

Late on Tuesday evening, the same sources confirmed with this newsroom, that former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi had suggested that Adrian Delia calls for a vote of confidence among the members. Gonzi’s proposal seems to have been well received, prompting bangs and shouts of approval.

Other sources added that it was Michael Asciak that has proposed a confidence motion in PN Leader Adrian Delia which the majority of the PN Executive Committee was determined to vote on. This newsroom was also informed that the PN leader refused to call for a vote of no confidence as it was not on the agenda.

While leaving the PN headquarters the members of the PN Executive Committee did not give any comments to the media. They only said that the party will issue a statement.

In the statement issued by the Nationalist Party, it was said that during the same Executive Committee meeting the members of the Electoral Commission were approved. The members of the Ethics and social media commission were also approved.

“There should be a leadership race” – Hermann Schiavone

Replying to journalists waiting outside the PN headquarters, Hermann Schiavone stated that there should be a leadership race. He added that “this is not about Adrian Delia”, and that the country needs a strong Opposition. 

“The key objective is to move forward” – Claudio Grech

MP Claudio Grech stated that everything happening needs to be in the best interest of PN and the country. He added that everyone has a role to play, and whichever role he or anyone fits in is secondary. The ultimate objective is to move forward, because “this country needs and deserves an opposition, and this can be delivered by the Nationalist Party”.

Grech also said he is ready to resign together with others to give space to new faces within the party.

“I expect continuity” – Andre Grech

Replying to journalists upon his arrival, Andre Grech, PN’s President of the Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises, remarked that in 2013, when Franco Debono had voted against Lawrence Gonzi’s leadership, he was not allowed to contest in the next election. He added that he expects continuity. When asked whether the 17 PN members will be allowed to contest in the future, Grech responded that the decision should not be made solely by himself. 

“We will continue to seek unity” – Comodini Cachia

The PN MP who has the support of at least 16 members of the PN parliamentary group Therese Comodini Cachia said that the party will continue to seek unity.

MP Clyde Puli predicted that the Executive’s discussion would be a mature one. He said that after the meeting, the Executive will be in a position to say what the next step will be.

While entering the headquarters, the former Nationalist Leader Lawrence Gonzi said that the comments he had to make have already been made in public.

MP Mario Galea said that the real opponent of the PN is the corruption of the Labour Government and poverty. He said that there are special structures in the party to deal with the issue of MPs who have lost confidence in Adrian Delia as Leader. He stressed that the removal of Delia as Chief is not in the best interest of the PN.

The meeting of the party Executive was planned for today late last week when the President of Malta was meeting with the PN MPs to ascertain their trust in Adrian Delia as leader of the Opposition. In a controversial decision which has raised a loud cry from several foremost legal experts, the President decided to retain Delia as leader of the Opposition in spite of the fact that he confirmed that Delia did not have majority backing and that earlier in the year he had said that he would remove Delia if he lost parliamentary backing.