Watch: Abela has become an accomplice in hiding Muscat’s dirty linen – Grech

PN MPs request PAC to discuss Electrogas

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Parliamentary Opposition said that it has formally submitted a request for the Auditor General’s report on the Electrogas power station to be discussed in Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee. The Leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech gave this information while addressing a press conference in front of the House of Representatives.

The Nationalist Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition recalled how a few weeks ago the Opposition presented a motion for the Prime Minister to appoint an independent public inquiry into this report, which, he said, is costing the people € 91 million a year more in electricity bills.

“At that time Robert Abela had the chance to disassociate himself from the filth of his predecessor, but this request was rejected and with his behaviour Robert Abela became an accomplice in hiding the dirt carried out by Joseph Muscat, Konrad Mizzi and Keith. Schembri,” stressed the Dr Grech.

Grech said that the Electrogas power station project is riddled with irregularities as found by the Auditor General himself in the contracts. Till this day, Grech reminded that the contracts have not been disclosed in full to  the Opposition.

In this regard the Leader of the Opposition asked the Chairman of the Committee on Public Accounts Beppe Fenech Adami, to place the discussion of the contract on the PAC Agenda.