PN discusses constitutional reform with civil society

    Representatives of the Nationalist Party held online meetings with NGO Repubblika and the Civil Society Network to discuss constitutional reforms today, with all sides involved having expressed concerns about the government’s own proposals.

    Repubblika had warned that the government was implementing the recommendations of the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission half-heartedly. The PN, meanwhile, reacted by issuing its own proposed reforms, which it will be also presenting to the Venice Commission.

    During the meetings, the PN said in a statement, its leader Adrian Delia said that the party was seeking to prevent a repeat of the situation the country now faced, with a government that had abused existing laws to concentrate as much power as possible in its hands.

    He lamented that while his party was ready to discuss the matter with the government, the government chose to make its proposals public without consulting anyone. This, he said, sent the wrong signal to the Venice Commission, as it suggested that the government was not willing to act differently.

    In its own statement following the meeting, Repubblika noted that the PN said it was open to considering alternative methods for judicial appointments, in spite of the agreement it had reached with the government on the matter. The party, it said, committed itself to ensuring that the reform would guarantee the judiciary’s independence.