PN Committees; How many support Delia? What about the MPs?

Following a directive last week, the majority of the Partit Nazzjonalista’s sectional committees issued a statement showing support to the PN leader, Dr Adrian Delia.

On the other hand, Nationalist Members of Parliament complained heavily that the Parliamentary Group did not meet despite the fact that tomorrow Parliament will recommence after the Christmas holidays.

In favour, against or silent

According to research compiled by, until now around 40 committees issued the said statement on their Facebook page to show their support towards the Leader; one committee refused to do so and another 11 didn’t release any statement so far. Newsbook notes that some of the latter do not have an updated Facebook page, whilst others are always on the ball, but didn’t issue any statement.

Despite the pressure; the members of the Tas-Sliema Sectional Committee voted against the motion in favour of Adrian Delia. The result of the anonymous vote was 10 against, 3 in favour.

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Whilst in some committees there was no objection that this statement be released, according to our sources who prefered to stay anonymous, said that some committees felt intimidated.  They added that there were also cases where the declarations were issued ‘unanimously’ but not all committee members were asked to attend the meeting, and therefore didn’t approve the declaration. Newsbook is not in a position to say if this situation is widespread.

MPs awaiting a meeting

Meanwhile, the PN Leader did not call a Parliamentary Group meeting despite the fact that Parliament reconvenes tomorrow.

MPs that spoke to complained about this. One of them asked “why did they approach the small committees so as to issue the statement, and did not approach the MPs in order to set a Parliamentary Group meeting?” However, sources said that Delia prefers to meet MPs on an individual basis.

Martin Agius

An MP in favour of Delia, accused those deputees who believe that Delia should step down, with ‘disloyalty’.

On the other hand, an MP who criticises Delia said that “the only MPs who are insulting and causing mayhem are those supporting Delia. The PN is using its media and structures against its own deputies”.

On Sunday morning, both Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and the PN Leader Adrian Delia, spoke about the Partit Nazzjonalista’s unrest.

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