PN calls for Covid-19 task force

Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels

Partit Nazzjonalista has called for the setting up for a coronavirus task force aimed at addressing the needs of differently abled individuals.

In a statement on Sunday, signed by Opposition spokesperson for differently abled individuals Maria Deguara and Opposition spokesperson for sustainable planning Kevin Cutajar, Partit Nazzjonalista noted that the cases of coronavirus in Malta were on the increase.

The Opposition explained that the task force should be composed of differently abled people, their relatives, carers and experts in the sector disability. The task force would then propose measures to the health authorities based on the research it carries out. “This would allow differently-abled people to continue with their lives in such times,” the PN said.

The Opposition said that the solution did not lie in a blanket stay-at-home order for differently abled, but specific and researched solutions were required to mitigate the impact that the coroanvirus pandemic has had on their lives.

Acknowledging that the current times are challenging, the PN called on the government to address the issue and find a reasonable solution, adding that it was ready to contribute in such an exercise.

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