‘PN and PL using media to intimidate activists’ – Repubblika


Activist Group Repubblika said that the Partit Laburista and the Partit Nazzjonalista are using their media to intimidate activists from civil society.

In a statement, the group said that the two large parties are suffocating freedom of expression and stomping on the right to protest. Repubblika added that it is currently worries about what it described as “inventions and fake news or by twisting and manipulating facts” to discredit and intimidate activists.

Repubblika insisted that the state has the obligation to protect freedom of association; the right for citizens to express themselves without state intervention; the right to free press; the right for groups to cooperate; the right for public gathering and protest; and the right for activists to search for and use resources of those who want to support them, even if anonymously.

The Group concluded by saying that it has hope that civil society will have a voice in society.