‘PN Administrative Council to meet early next week’ – Stellini


The President of the Partit Nazzjonalista’s Administrative Council David Stellini said that indications show that the Administration will meet early next week.

Stellini said that last week, himself and the President of the Executive Mark Anthony Sammut had a positive meeting with PN Leader Adrian Delia as well as having another meeting alone with Secretary General Clyde Puli.

“Adrian Delia met me with an open mind”

He said that during the meeting Delia had an open mind, ready to discuss. When asked whether the reservations he had about the Leader are still there, Stellini answered that he won’t be happy until the Administrative Council has met.

Stellini refused to answer questions about Delia’s reaction to what was said during the meeting by saying that he was not ready to discuss what was said in private.

In an interview with Newsbook.com.mt, David Stellini said that “communication is very important to increase trust” between members of the PN. He said that there was a certain preoccupation and worry but he referred to the interview earlier today with Adrian Delia where he negated allegations he is facing.

PN Branches: Half express support; half still to meet

He also said that there are doubts among members and activists as to whether the videos going around recently are authentic or whether they were edited. He also appealed for people to not hide behind their fingers. He explained that when someone comes into contact with Delia, he must be clear with him and say exactly what they feel.

“It is very important for the Parliamentary Group to meet”

At the same time, Stellini said that it is very important to him that the Parliamentary Group meets, even because of the fact that Parliament reopens on Monday. He said that it wouldn’t do any harm for Delia to meet his deputies individually. Stellini confirmed that the Leader is meeting Parliamentary Members one by one.

Stellini also told Newsbook.com.mt that Delia is in “listening mode”.