Watch: PN Administrative Council declares its support for Delia

The Administrative Council of Partit Nazzjonalista unanimously backed their Party Leader Adrian Delia on Wednesday.

The Administrative Council met on Wednesday at the Party Headquarters and discussed the Party’s situation in wake of the recent allegations and attacks on Delia. Earlier the PN leader claimed that he had the Council’s full support.

In a short statement released on Wednesday night, the Administrative Council condemned “coordinated and malicious attacks” on its leader and the PN. It also stated that a number of new candidates for the upcoming local council elections were approved during the meeting.

“Given what we know up to now, we’ve decided to stick to the statement”

Executive Committee President Mark Anthony Sammut told that a number of issues had been raised during the Council’s meeting, when contacted by this newsroom. Sammut further stated that given the information at hand, it was decided to keep to the statement published. The Committee’s President said that he was one of those who brought up certain issues for discussion during the meeting, and that he discussed the issues at length with the Party’s leader.

Secretary General Clyde Puli read out the statement to the media, claiming that from this point onward it was “business as usual for the Nationalist Party”.


On entering the Party Headquarters Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia said that nothing indicated that the members of the Council lacked faith in him. He reiterated that personal problems should not worry those around him unless such issues obstructed him from carrying out his work.

Speaking about the Parliamentary Group, Delia said that the group met two days after Christmas to urgently discuss the sale of land close to St George’s bay in Pembroke to Corinthia Group, however he did not feel the urge to call for an urgent meeting. asked Council President David Stellini and Deputy leaders Robert Arrigo and David Agius what was on the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting with both declaring that the meeting was a private one. Arrigo remarked that the meeting was one similar to every other meeting held every month.

Sources have spoken to saying that there was no date set for the Executive Committee’s meeting, despite media reports claiming that the meeting was scheduled for Thursday.

Executive Committee President Mark Anthony Sammut had spoken to describing the Party’s internal situation as worrying and stating that he had asked Secretary General Clyde Puli to call for an Executive Committee meeting. Opposition MP and PN’s Administrative Council President David Stellini had said that an urgent meeting was required.

Despite Parliament reconvening on Monday no date has been set for a Parliamentary Group meeting. MPs that spoke to said that while high party officials chased the smallest sectional committees to declare their support for the embattled Party leader, the Party failed to set a parliamentary group meeting.

Delia had declared that he had no problem in convening the parliamentary group while he was interviewed on RTK 103FM‘s Follow Up.

The PN’s leader faced allegations of domestic violence after his former wife Nickie Vella de Fremeaux filed documents under oath claiming so in court. Delia promised that he would emerge stronger once this ordeal is over, describing the accusations as “part of a plan” to undermine his progress in surveys.

Delia claimed that the videos doing rounds on social media were edited prior to being leaked, however he said that a leader’s post becomes untenable if found guilty of domestic violence.