PM asks Konrad Mizzi to resign from PL’s parliamentary group

Updated 08:26 AM

Prime Minister Robert Abela has asked PL MP Konrad Mizzi to resign from the Labour Party’s Parliamentary Group. This is a polite form of saying that Mizzi was dismissed from the Group.

In a post on Facebook Konrad Mizzi wrote that he respects Robert Abela and said he does not agree he should resign over recent allegations. Konrad Mizzi also wrote that he will continue to serve, as is his right, as a Member of Parliament.

Il-Prim Ministru talabni biex ma nibqax parti mill-Grupp Parlamentari Laburista. Filwaqt li nirrispettah u x-xogħol li…

Posted by Konrad Mizzi on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Sources familiar with Parliamentary procedures told that once the Prime Minister ‘asks’ someone to leave the Parliamentary Group he has no option but to leave. Mizzi said in his post will remain in Parliament but quite naturally he will not be part of the PL Parliamentary Group.

There are precedents. Censu Moran had resigned from the Parliamentary Group of the PL but remained a member of Parliament. The same happened when Marlene Farrugia decided to leave the PL. On the other side of the chamber there was Giovanna Debono who stayed on as a member of Parliament but not as part of the PN group. has exclusively reported that some weeks back, PM Abela had sent a message to Konrad Mizzi asking him to resign from the parliamentary group. On the return of Konrad Mizzi from England, asked PM Abela to confirm these reports. Abela skirted around the question, saying only that he had not spoken to Mizzi since his return from England some 24 hours before.