PM visits Malta Enterprise to thank employees for safeguarding jobs

DOI: Clodagh O'Neill

Prime Minister Robert Abela personally thanked the Malta Enterprise employees entrusted with the role of coming up with schemes which would safeguard more than 90,000 jobs.

Today the Prime Minister visited the Malta Enterprise offices along with Economy Minister Silvio Schembri.

During the visit, the employees spoke with the Prime Minister and the Minister and related to them how they prepared themselves to adapt to the extraordinary circumstances posed by the coronavirus pandemic, as they deal with thousands of applications coming from workers and self-employed workers who seek to benefit from the Government’s assistance measures.

Prime Minister Robert Abela spoke highly of how Malta Enterprise was quick to adapt to the circumstances. He assured the workers that the Government plans on giving more support to them. Minister Silvio Schembri also thanked those present for their relentless work in answering over 60,000 calls and emails appealing for help in these trying times.