Watch: PM says COVID-19 situation is not alarming

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“It is not an alarming situation,” said Prime Minister Robert Abela in comments to when asked if the current coronavirus situation is worrying.

The Prime Minister justified his reply by stating that presently there are no coronavirus cases which are life-threatening and that as a country we must adapt to live with the virus around us until a vaccine is made available.

Prime Minister Robert Abela gave his comments to the media following a Cabinet meeting which for the very first time took place at the Malta Chamber of Commerce.

Abela said that the government will continue to react to the developments day by day but in the meantime the economy must be safeguarded.

In the past three weeks Malta has experienced a sudden increase in COVID-19 cases after a number of mass events were held and were social distancing was not observed. On this matter the Medical Association of Malta has since issued a number of statements urging the government to take immediate action to contain the spread of the virus.

On Monday MAM stated that as the numbers are rising at an alarming rate to unprecedented levels as parties and mass events continue to be held, the worst is still to come.

On Tuesday, Malta registered 29 new cases of coronavirus while four patients recovered. According to the Ministry, three of today’s cases were found in Mount Carmel Hospital. It also said that 2 cases were traced back to Paceville while five cases linked back to family members who tested positive for the virus. Another case is linked to a previously known case at work. Contact tracing is ongoing.

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