PM objects to request to publish advice given to Muscat


Prime Minister Robert Abela took offence at a parliamentary question by Nationalist MP David Thake on the legal advice he had given to his predecessor, insisting that the MP should not even have asked the question in the first place.

Thake asked Abela to list the advice he had given to his predecessor Joseph Muscat, the topics he advised on and whether his advice had been followed. Abela had served as Muscat’s legal consultant from June 2017 to January 2020.

But the Prime Minister stressed that that the legal advice he provided to Muscat and his cabinet was privileged information of a confidential nature.

“Therefore prudence and ethics would demand that such a parliamentary question should not even be made, as it is asking for the publication of advice which cannot legally be revealed,” he said. “The MP is thus asking the Prime Minister to break the law through his parliamentary question.”

Thake also asked about the payment Abela had received, but the PM noted that he had confirmed that he was renouncing payment for his consultancy services from the outset.