PM Muscat wishes Maltese US Democrat luck for Presidency


The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat congratulated the new United States Presidential Candidate for 2020, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Peter Buttigieg.

The 34-year-old Maltese Democrat is currently running for the position of Chairman of the Democratic National Committee which would make him the first openly gay DNC Chair. He was elected Mayor of South Bend in Indiana at the age of 29, bringing about substantial economic growth and fighting corruption using innovative techniques such as having all government cheques being freely available online.

He has also used technology when it comes to the environment in terms of creating “smart sewers” enabling South Bend to monitor and control wastewater collection to prevent backups and overflows. This apart from being an Afghanistan war-veteran. Buttigieg has been repeatedly touted as the candidate to keep an eye on to lead the Democratic Party throughout what’s left of the Trump era.

Junior Minister for EU Funds & Social Dialogue Aaron Farrugia also spoke of meeting the young Democrat for the first time in social media.