Watch: PM insists on no information censorship

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that there needs to be assurance that information will not be censored, meanwhile action must be taken for people not to fall victim to misinformation.

Muscat was speaking about censorship and fake news during an international conference in Paris about technology. In a statement, the Office of the Prime Minister said that Muscat spoke about how technology can be used to help in the fight against the spreading of fake news which is harming democracy around the world. The Prime Minister was speaking in a meeting in which the French President invited a small number of European leaders and international organisations to discuss the future of democracy in light of modern technological advances.

Recently, activists from #Resistenza put up a banner saying “Censorship Minister” with a photo of Justice Minister Owen Bonnici on the second structure built around the Great Siege monument. 

The author and activist Naomi Klein said that if the Government really wants to show its efforts towards freedom of expression, they should allow the temporary memorial to Daphne Caruana Galizia to be covered in candles and flowers.

Muscat said that fake media sources and engines creating bots can be identified and action taken against them. He added that, at the same time, there is an important paradox in all this as to whether it is acceptable to censor social media at a time when we need to safeguard broadcasting and media liberty.

The Prime Minister also took part in a debate during the GovTech Summit about ‘Digital Identity: The Next Frontier for Smart Governments’ where he said that every individual should be given the liberty to use personal data however they please.