PM explains what Malta’s 10-Year Challenge would look like


Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that if he had to do a 10-year challenge for Malta, the country would be totally different than it was 10 years ago. This was during a political activity in Żurrieq.

Muscat said that there was a change in the employment sector, where he said the workers are no longer begging for work, but can choose the work they want. He said that Malta is choosing the investments it gets nowadays, compared to a country with investments that failed. He added that there are three million tourists a year, when that number was reached in 6 years when looking back a decade.

The Prime Minister said that, 10 years ago, families used to leave only one light on in the entire house, but today’s water and electricity bills are no longer a headache for the Maltese.

In the civil sector, Muscat said that 10 years ago, divorce didn’t exist and the Government would go into everyone’s bedroom, while today the country is at the forefront of civil rights.

He also said that there are sectors which, if you take photos you find they’re the same a decade on, with the Partit Nazzjonalista split in Parliament with MPs voting however they want, is now still split but in a different way.

PN reaction

In a counter-statement, the PN spoke about how when speaking about water and electricity bill, the Prime Minister “conveniently left out that the agreement with Electrogas for the new power station in Delimara is robbing people of €200 million every two year” citing the Auditor General’s report.

The statement also spoke about Muscat not mentioning that bills are coming in more expensive and more frequently. About the economy, it was said that Muscat also forgot about the 72,000 at risk of poverty, as well as the 3,200 waiting for social housing.

The PN concluded by promising that “a new Nationalist Government will give back the money the people are paying for the theft in the form of electricity and water bills as well as guaranteeing that everyone will have a roof over their head.”