PM cites ongoing investigation for failure to table Chetcuti Cauchi official communication

Enquête exclusive

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat failed to table an official letter or document by which the agents at Chetcuti Cauchi were suspended in the House of Representatives on Monday.

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The request was made by Partit Nazzjonalista MP Karol Aquilina, who asked for a copy the official communication made by the Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency and which informed the two agents that they were suspended. The Opposition MP also asked for a copy of any official communication between the Malta Residency Visa Agency and the law firm.

In his reply, Muscat said that it is not prudent to table such information in parliament in view of the ongoing investigations by the regulator and a pending request to initiate a magisterial inquest.

Two agents from Chetcuti Cauchi were filmed boasting of their warm ties with the government in relation to the cash-for-passport scheme.

The journalist for French TV channel M6 acted as a representative of African clients seeking to purchase Maltese passports.

This was aired in a French news programme which gave Malta the title of “corruption paradise”.

In an episode of Enquête Exclusive (Exclusive Inquiry), a Maltese agent of the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) describes his warm friendship with both Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship Julia Farrugia. One of the lawyers had told the undercover journalist that Justice Minister Owen Bonnici worked for their firm for awhile.

The Opposition MP also asked for a list of individuals who bought Maltese citizenship and made use of this law firm when acquiring their Maltese passport.

In his reply, Muscat said that there is no distinction between individuals who have been naturalised as Maltese citizens or those who have acquired passport through the IIP scheme. has sent questions to the police after the programme was aired, asking whether the police is investigating the suspended agents and whether the Agency responsible for the passport scheme has filed a police report. To date the questions remained unanswered.

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