‘PM and Government allies inventing allegations’ – Adrian Delia


Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that allies of the Prime Minister and the Labour Government are coming up with all the personal allegations which are aimed at hurting him, the Partit Nazzjonalista, and the country precisely when his popularity was increasing within the PN.

In a phone call on Net FM, Delia said he is ready to show the Court and the public that his family and himself have been lied about by filing a libel suit regarding an article in the media to defend truth.

Adrian Delia claims ‘sharpened focus’ for 2019

“Small businesses have no chance with this Government”

Delia said that the government only thinks about putting money in the pockets of those close to it, not giving a chance to small businesses. He mentioned over 280 direct orders which were given in the first 6 months of this legislature to people who, according to him, are connected with the Partit Laburista. He brought up Kurt Farrugia, the Public Representative for the Office of the Prime Minister as an example. Farrugia was given €25,000 in marketing services, and because Justice Minister Owen Bonnici contracted him to film three concerts by the Maltese orchestra.

“Either Konrad Mizzi doesn’t know how to negotiate, or he’s a thief”

The PN Leader also spoke about the Corinthia land issues, for which a decision will be taken in Parliament in the coming days, since Parliament will reconvene tomorrow. He insisted that following negotiations with Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi, a private company will be given land for a much cheaper price than it’s worth.