PM afraid of Cardona, PN MP insists

Jason Azzopardi in Parliament

Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi accused Prime Minister Robert Abela of being afraid of Labour Party’s deputy leader Chris Cardona after failing to dismiss him outright in the face of allegations that he is linked to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

In an adjournment speech in Parliament, Azzopardi – a lawyer to the Caruana Galizia family – suggested two reasons why Abela may fear his deputy.

“Either because he knows what Cardona is capable or, or because he knows that Cardona knows something about him,” the MP said.

‘Worrying’ that PM lacks authority to fire Cardona

Earlier today, Abela revealed that he had asked Cardona to resign, though no resignation has yet been forthcoming.

Azzopardi said that it was worrying that the leader of the party in government “lacks the authority to fire a deputy leader repeatedly alleged to have paid to kill” Caruana Galizia.

He referred to Speaker Anġlu Farrugia, who had been made to resign from Labour deputy leader ahead of the 2013 election after accusing a magistrate of being politically biased.

While he said that he may disagree with Farrugia – including on his decision to refuse dedicating a hall in Parliament House to Caruana Galizia – he was “never involved in stories that are even remotely close to the cesspit that Chris Cardona is being linked to.”

Azzopardi noted that Cardona has long been linked to the case, but the PM was “incapable of putting an end to this, because he is a coward.”