“Health system will collapse if we register more than 200 cases a day” – MAM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The number of COVID-19 new cases Malta has recorded in the past three days is worrying, and if the situation remains as is the number of daily cases might continue to increase, said the President of the Medical Association of Malta, MAM, Martin Balzan.

In his comments to Newsbook.com.mt, Balzan mentioned again how MAM had already explained weeks ago that if we experience around 100 new coronavirus cases a day the health system might collapse and if the country experiences around 200 or more new cases a day then the system will actually collapse.

He continued saying how the association is disappointed on how Prime Minister Robert Abela spoke on Sunday regarding the coronavirus situation. The Prime Minister cannot give people the impression that the situation is not serious, said Balzan. “This has to stop. We are experiencing a pandemic, this is a serious illness and people need to be careful,” said MAM President.

The President of the Medical Association of Malta said that as a country we need to review what other countries are doing to curb the situation because Malta cannot end up in a situation where there are not enough nurses and doctors or to have hospitals full, said Martin Balzan.

On Monday, Malta registered its highest daily highest daily increase in coronavirus cases after the health authorities reported a total of 218 new coronavirus following 3,557 swab tests. Just over two weeks ago, Malta had registered 204 coronavirus cases in a single day.