PM Abela appeals to PN for unity

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

PM appeals for unity

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that he is disappointed with the current situation within the Nationalist Party. “I always believed that a country needs a strong opposition to keep the government in check,” said Abela while being interviewed on Sunday Morning, on One Radio.

Prime Minister Robert Abela then appealed for unity not just within the PN but also as a county. “We need an Opposition who stops undermining the measures adopted by this government to ensure social and economic stability,” said Abela.

Robert Abela explained how the PN is currently faced with a number of MPs who do not want the current leader, Adrian Delia, to continue leading the party and that these MPs are going against the mandate that Adrian Delia was given by the party members. He then chose to not focus his comments on the present situation within the PN but to comment on the relevancy of the government to those who do not affiliate with the politics of the Labour Party. Robert Abela said that the Labour government will seek to work for the interest of each and every person irrelevant from their political believes.

“We shall continue with our work as I believe a prosperous future is awaiting our country” – said, Prime Minister Robert Abela.

A new Commissioner against Domestic Violence

Questioned about Domestic Violence following the murder of Chantelle Chetcuti, Robert Abela announced that today he will appoint Audrey Friggieri as the new commissioner against Domestic Violence after Simone Azzopardi had recently summited her resignation.

Chantelle Chetcuti was murdered by her ex-partner and father of her two daughters.

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that domestic violence is a sensitive issue which has been a problem in our society. A problem he described as difficult to be handled since such cases happen in private, behind closed doors.

PM wants to ensure social housing and affordable rents

Another issue Prime Minister Abela was questioned on was the issue of Social Housing. He explained that each and every person deserves to live in a decent property and mentioned how in Malta around 80% of the population are owners of their homes. Robert Abela also said that the reality of people who cannot afford to pay rents need to be tackled immediately and that the government will embark on measures to safeguard the interests of families and pensioners facing high rents.

“The situation where you are living in your home and all of a sudden your house collapses because of works carried in a construction site is totally unacceptable,” said Abela who was referring to the appeal of the families who last year were hit by this situation and are still facing the consequences with no solutions provided.

Robert Abela also said that he does not just want to deal and solve the issue by providing alternative housing to the victims but he wants to ensure that such accidents never happen again.

“People have the right to continue living in their homes without being affected in some way by works in construction sites and at the same time developers need to continue with their projects as long as they are sustainable. A balance has to be created” explained Prime Minister Robert Abela.