Armed Forces search for immigrant ship


A ship with 31 immigrants on board has approached Malta and is asking the European governments, including Malta, for help. At 6.00pm On Wednesday, the Armed Forces of Malta were searching the site where the ship was last seen. 

According to a statement by Alarm Phone, which is the mediator between those in need of help and the ports, there are 31 people aboard the ship that left Libya yesterday, including five women, 17 men and nine children.

The Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Italy have told Alarm Phone that they will contact the Maltese Centre, and have told the ship to begin to approach the Maltese islands.

Alarm Phone said that The Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Italy have informed them once again that Libyan coast guards are responsible for the ship, even if it is now closer to Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.

Earlier today, the Aquarius brought 141 immigrants to Malta.