Player protection & responsible gambling training

Ensuring a comprehensive understanding of responsible gaming behaviour is essential for individuals involved in the gaming industry. Player Protection Training aims at training employees and/or case-handlers of any company in order to disseminate knowledge and good practices.

After completing this training, participants will be able to recognise and detect addictive gambling behaviour, act against it and prevent it.

The training is being organised by Gluecksfall, an association that offers help and advice for gambling addicts and those at risk.

This training is relevant for customer support agents, responsible gaming case handlers and/or individuals in related roles or any individual willing to be introduced to, or seeking to brush up, their responsible gaming skills.

It could also be particularly interesting for compliance professionals who seek to understand better player protection from an operational standpoint.

Learning objectives

Upon successfully completing this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Solidify gambling understanding and related problems.
  • Gain insight of how to identify and help problem gamblers.
  • Acquire new skills to deal with problem gamblers, suspicious behaviours and difficult situations.
  • Increase participants’ confidence in talking to customers about problem gambling as well as finding solutions.

The Trainers

Mete Tuncay has a degree in social pedagogy and is a systemic consultant, who has been working since 2006 in the field of counselling and problem gambling in Malta, Germany and other countries in Europe, whereby he offers advice to persons seeking help with gambling addiction and gambling problems. During training sessions and workshops, he has been a manager and advisor since 2011.

He therefore shows his expertise in the field of intercultural competence and development, as well as the protection of players and minors. Inquisitive, appreciative, humorous, creative and passionate in research, stands out in expertise and diligence.

Activating the existing resources and expertise of people seeking help are important guidelines of his work in the field of counselling on problematic and pathological gambling. Mete is the co-founder of the Turkish helpline in problem gambling in Germany.

Melissa McElhatton is a Maltese social worker, who has spent the past four years working directly with individuals battling an addiction, both within a community, as well as, a residential setting. She has also supported families of individuals with addiction problems, empowering them to make the necessary changes in their lives. She is currently in the process of becoming a Gestalt Psychotherapist.

Prior to working in the field of addiction, McElhatton worked in the physical health sector at the local hospital, and within the mental health sector by providing support to individuals residing in assisted housing. Through these experiences, she began to see addiction through more holistic eyes. Further, she has tried to implement this more holistic view of addiction or disordered behaviour in her practice and in her trainings.

Melissa believes strongly in the power of humour in her work, and in following where the research and other evidence are pointing towards. In fact, her practice is strongly based on evidence.


Participants will receive a certificate of full attendance after completion of the online training and attending the face-to-face training.

The face-to-face training will take place on the 29th November from 9.00 am at Hotel Valentina in St Julians. More information on the training and how to apply may be found on the Gluecksfall website.

This content was supplied by Gluecksfall