‘PL won’t build walls, will take on challenges’ – Prime Minister


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said that the Labour Party was not building walls and instead wanted to hear the public’s challenges and to come up with realistic solutions.

Speaking in Msida, Muscat said that the Maltese economy did not depend on construction but on many other pillars.

Economic growth, he explained, was not dependent on the construction industry and that the country had three key defences protecting the country from possible, ‘doomsday scenarios.’

Dr Muscat outlined these as being, investors (One), banks (Two) and the government (Three).

On the topic of the pharmaceuticals industry, there is a shortage of 177 pharmacists that would take the next six years to fill with University graduates. He added that this will increase to 250 once the international medical cannabis industry begins operating in Malta.

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Speaking about the Opposition Nationalist Party, Muscat referred to them as being like a car operating with a driver and without a direction. He went further to suggest that the PN Leaders’ support for Helena Dalli’s candidacy for European Commissioner was cover for subversive moves being conducted below the surface to ensure she was not approved.

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