PL should not tolerate ‘mistakes’ from its own – Fearne

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Laburista should not tolerate ‘mistakes’ from its own members, Deputy Prime Minister and Partit Laburista Deputy Leader Chris Fearne told party activists gathered in Cospicua on Sunday morning.

Fearne took the stage before Partit Laburista leader Robert Abela was scheduled to speak in his first rally after being sworn in as prime minister.

Fearne who lost the leadership election to Abela, told those gathered that Partit Laburista was given the opportunity to evaluate the situation and address past mistakes half way during the legislature. ‘This will allow us to retain the majority by which the party was elected in government,’ the Deputy Prime Minister claimed.

Without mentioning Abela, Fearne said he was still proud of being a Labourite. He said that his wish was to see the economy grow by three times as much following the political turmoil in which the country plunged into last year. Fearne added that the government was willing to work with businesses without being “too close”.

Fearne said that he would like to see the country’s reputation improve after the hit it took. He reiterated that the opportunity which was given both to the party itself and the party as a party in government should not be missed.

He concluded by saying that he would like to see the founding principles of Partit Laburista which turns 100 years this year, remain the same.