PL sets up 10 fora to discuss 100 ideas

Partit Laburista has set up ten fora aimed at discussing 100 ideas for future policies.

In a press conference, newly appointed PL deputy leader for party affairs Daniel Micallef announced the new project, noting that the initiative was taken to coincide with the party’s centenary.

The fora are:

  • Distribution of wealth, headed by Steve Ellul;
  • The environment as a common heritage, led by Chris Mintoff;
  • Our Health, led by Jan Chircop; 
  • Malta’s role in the Mediterranean, Europe and the world, led by Anthony David Gatt;
  • Equality, headed by Rebecca Buttigieg;
  • The future for all – holistic education, led by Alison Civelli;
  • Malta’s democratic set-up, led by  Jonathan Attard; 
  • The social sector, led by Maria Brown;  
  • Gozo, led by Monica Farrugia;
  • Stronger local councils, led by Sarah Agius Saliba.

The fora will be coordinated by Daniel Micallef, party president Ramona Attard and MEP Miriam Dalli.

Those who would like to participate may write on or message Partit Laburista on its Facebook page.