‘PL PN rhetoric does not match their action on climate change’ – AD

Pexels.com/ Min An

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party lambasted Partit Laburista and Partit Nazzjonalista for their inaction arguing that this was despite the rhetoric both parties have used throughout the election campaign.

In a statement on Friday, the Green Party said that during this campaign the parties are not speaking enough about themes that matter on a European level. AD claimed that PL leader Joseph Muscat and PN leader Adrian Delia were more interested in ‘partisan noise than in discussing the real pressing issues’. AD further argued that while both PL and PN mention the environment and climate change, their rhetoric does not match their action.

The Green Party remarked that while the country changed over to using gas in attempt to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Malta has registered an increase of 6.2% in greenhouse emissions. AD argued that this was expected since the Government ignored the transport sector. AD claimed that ‘the government has no longterm vision for clean energy and transport’ arguing that low emission zones were never considered in areas where traffic flow is heavy.