PL MP calls for revision of parliamentary privilege

PL MP Alex Muscat said that it is about time that legislation regarding immunity or parliamentary privilege is revised. He explained that this being there are members of the Opposition abusing of this Parliamentary right.

When giving his adjournment speech, Muscat said that there needs to be a fair balance regarding the rights of MPs and the rights of citizens to defend their reputation in the case of being unjustly targeted. He explained that, in a particular circumstance, an MP made reference to a Police Officer by name and surname without the official being able to do anything about it.

Muscat also mentioned the Corinthia case, where the company is being repeatedly put through hell by members of the Opposition, while outside of Parliament, the same people boasted about its international success. “What do you mean a company doesn’t have the right to sue me over what I say in Parliament?” asked Muscat.