CEO says the PL would never give away personal data

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Laburista CEO Randolph De Battista said that the party would never breach the data by sharing personal data of the party members, as these have received phone calls asking them which of the two candidates they prefer.

De Battista said on social media that in the past few days a number of people have approached him to complain about phone calls that they have been receiving, genuinely asking him how their personal information ended up being made public. He added that the Electoral Commission of the Partit Laburista passed on a list of eligible voters to the two candidates, as happens in every internal election.

The CEO said that the candidates had signed a declaration saying that they are responsible for this data. He said that Partit Laburista itself would never break the Data Protection law and would never pass on information about the members on to third parties.

A total of 17,500 voters are eligible to vote in next Saturday’s election for a new leader for Partit Laburista, and thus, a new Prime Minister.