“PL can’t keep defending politicians who had to resign” – Bernard Grech

Miguela Xuereb

Nationalist Party (PN) Leader Bernard Grech said that the Labour Party (PL) cannot keep defending politicians who had to resign, and projects that reek of corruption such as the Electrogas deal.

Grech said that the PL don’t want a public inquiry into the Electrogas deal, as was posited in the PN’s motion. He added that the PL continue to defend the Electrogas deal.

He said this during a press conference about the PN’s 12 pillars of political vision for Malta and Gozo.

Grech went on to say that the PN must build on past experience, and harness the youth’s energy in order to rebuild itself. In rebuilding itself, it can offer a better future for Malta. Therefore, he called on youths to take on the reigns of the party and to change it in order to make Malta better. He stated that this cannot happen without everyone taking on their share of responsibility, and not only think that its politicians’ responsibility to do so.

He also talked about Gozo, and said that Gozo is a place that shows Malta how to be better. This is because Gozo still appreciates quality of life, by retaining the characteristics that make us Maltese. Grech stated that the PN will continually keep developing policy for Gozo alongside the Gozitans themselves.