PL activists laud Archbishop Scicluna’s gesture

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Laburista activist Desmond Zammit Marmarà and stalwart Joseph Micallef Stafrace lauded Archbishop Charles Scicluna for asking for forgiveness and laying flowers on the grave of Ġużè Ellul Mercer.

Zammit Marmarà praised Mgr Scicluna while Micallef Stafrace described the Archbishop’s blessing of the tombs of interdicted Labour supporters as the boldest step ever taken by the Church. L-Orizzont editor said that he was not impressed by Archbishop Scicluna’s step.

Mgr Scicluna blessed unconsecrated ground, where seven Labour activists, who were buried at the height of the politico-religious strife, at Addolorata Cemetery on All Souls’ Day.

Former Labour delegate Desmond Zammit Marmarà said that Archbishop Scicluna should be lauded for his bold step. Zammit Marmarà served as a local councillor on Balzan after he was elected on Partit Laburista ticket. In his blog on, Zammit Marmarà said that he would like to see Maltese and Gozitan alike appreciate the significance of such a move. He added that within the Labour Party, one finds a lot of practicing Catholics.

“Boldest step ever” – Micallef Stafrace

L-Arċisqof Charles Scicluna llum ma’ Joe Micallef Stafrace

Former Labour Minister Joe Micallef Stafrace in a comment to the Times of Malta said that ‘Mgr Scicluna’s unexpected gesture went a step further and was the boldest step ever’.

Micallef Stafrace who had been interdicted by the Church, was forced to marry in the sacristy. Micallef Stafrace stressed that one should focus on the positive aspect of the development when asked if it was too little, too late.

L-Orizzont Editor says too little, too late

L-Orizzont editor Victor Vella’s position contrasted with the position taken by Micallef Stafrace, Zammit Marmarà, President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Vella said that the gesture was “too little, too late” adding that he was unimpressed.

PM praises Archbishop’s gesture as “act of courage”

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