Piano performance to pay tribute to Miriam Pace

    Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

    Composer and musician Alex Vella Gregory is to perform a piano improvisation performance ‘Kwarta għal Miriam’ (’15 minutes for Miriam’) in her memory.

    “You can call it a ‘lament’ or a ‘dirge’ or even a ‘protest song’ – but on Saturday 2nd May at 8.00 pm CET log on to the event page and join in 15 minutes of reflection to remember those who have passed away and think about our future,” Vella Gregory said on Facebook.

    Saturday 2nd May marks two months from the tragic death of Miriam Pace who was crushed to death under the rubble of her own house.

    A lot has happened since then – but a lot has also remained the same. The Government still insists that construction is our only way out, that money is worth more than our lives, and that once this pandemic is over it will be ‘business as usual’.