Physical-online lecture mix for Uni students next semester

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The University of Malta (UM)  is planning to opt for a physical-online lecture mix for students attending the coming semester, has confirmed. This comes amidst health concerns being raised about the school’s policies for the upcoming semester as active COVID-19 cases continue to increase. 

Responding to questions sent by, a spokesperson for the UM has stated that both the University of Malta and the G.F. Abela Junior College intend to resume lectures in October and invite students back into lecture rooms, laboratories and other learning spaces.

For the larger class sizes, students will be divided into smaller groups, whereby one group sits in the lecture room while the other follows the class online. The groups will swap each week, hence, all students will be attending half of the lectures online and half physically. The in-class group will be able to meet with colleagues and lecturers and participate in learning collegially while avoiding crowding.

If lectures do resume this October, safety guidelines such as the wearing of face-covers and physical distancing will be adhered to, the spokesperson confirmed.

A separate source has informed that the UM Rector has sent a letter to the academic staff, confirming the details and procedures mentioned above.  He described this rotating system as a P-R system (P – physical presence; R – remote teaching using virtual platforms), where he stated that it will be adopted only where it deemed necessary due to space constraints.

Additionally, the letter also remarked that lectures will be required to bring their own laptop and personal headset with a microphone so that students can hear the lecturer clearly as the in-built microphone on the laptop may not be sufficient due to the ambient sound in the lecture room.

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