Photos: Strong winds wreak havoc

Ritratt: Ian Micallef via Facebook

The strong waves that are smashing against the Maltese eastern coastline have left nothing but havoc. A number of pleasure vessels suffered gross damage due to the bad.

The Emergency Response and Rescue Corps (ERRC) have advised swimmers to beware of the rough conditions various areas around the Maltese Islands. The MET Office at the Malta International Airport advised the general public on the strong North-eastern winds and the Malta Red Cross also stated that due to the strong winds various lifeguard stations will be showing the double red flag.

On Tuesday a number of pleasure vessels were washed onto the beach at Xemxija whilst on Wednesday morning a man was blown into the sea by the strong winds.

Ian Micallef uploaded a number of pictures of the destruction in Xemxija on a Facebook group page earlier on Wednesday.