Photos: Illegal dumping in Ta’ Qali; PA reacts, Police do not

The Planning Authority together with the Environment and Resources Authority have closed off the Ta’ Qali area being used to illegally dump construction waste, which was exclusively unveiled by in December. Despite this, the Police have still not taken any steps.

The new photos clearly show the measures taken to ensure that the zone is totally inaccessible to trucks or bulldozers looking to dump any more construction waste. The place which was used to dump said waste is larger that the national football pitch in Ta’ Qali, with mounds of waste of between one and two storeys.

The ERA’s declaration is plainly visible attached to one of the large blocks used to seal off the place.

The Police, on the other hand, have taken no steps against those illegally dumping waste during the night, apart from taking over 20 days to reply to questions sent by In their answer, the Police said that they had received no reports about the case.

The story so far:

An orgy of massive illegal dumping at Ta’ Qali

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  • Friday 16th November at 10pm, three large trucks, a bulldozer and a van entered Ta’ Qali from the area of the Venture bus terminus. The last digit in the trucks’ number plates were 3, 4 and 8 respectively. The trucks proceeded to dump waste, with the bulldozer leveling it near the abandoned Southern Concrete Ltd. factory. Two other trucks entered from the side of the Infetti roundabout in the Rabat direction. One of them donned the letters ‘FWL’.
  • Slightly after 11pm, a Police car stopped one of the trucks near the Aviation Museum. A Police Officer asked the truck driver what he was doing in Ta’ Qali at that time and he replied that he was going to park. The Police evidently weren’t too trusting of the truck which was clearly full of construction waste, and accompanied him for a while before leaving. The driver called his colleagues and the operation was halted.
  • In October, trucks of the same make had spent at least one night dumping construction waste resulting from a project in Burmarrad. It is calculated that there were around 40 trips to and from the area with the whole operation going until dawn.