Photos: “His life was an eternal prayer” – Bishop Grech

Mario Muscat

Bishop for Gozo Mario Grech described the life of Dun Mikiel Attard as a eternal prayer.

During a mass that was celebrated on top of Dun Mikiel Attard’s tomb, Bishop Grech quoted Dun Milkiel’s works on various occasions. Dun Mikiel’s tomb is situated in the old cemetery in Nadur which is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. The town is also the place where Dun Mikiel was born.

Bishop Grech emphasised that the works of Dun Mikiel emanate that the priest was reflective and lived at one with God.

The bishop further commented that Dun Mikiel’s life was an eternal prayer and that liturgy was a libation to the priest.

Dun Mikiel Attard was ordained in 1959. He left this life in July of 2004 at the age of 71 following a long illness.