Updated: Watch: Grassfire breaks out in Miżieb

Footage: Ivan Castillo

Drivers using the road close to the scene of the grassfire in Miżieb Mellieha, are being advised to find alternate routes, Ivan Castillo, PN Councillor for Mellieha, writes on social media.

Castillo says that the situation is still being resolved but there were was considerable help to put out the fire from locals and members of the FKNK.

The cause remains unknown, he states.

RIGHT NOW IN MIŻIEB! Would like to thank CPD and all those who gave a helping hand to see that the fires in Miżieb are put out.The cause is still unknown, although the amount of people helping out, membes of FKNK as well as people who frequent the area is admirable, #community #helpinghand If possible pls use alternate routes until situation is resolved.

Posted by Ivan Castillo on Saturday, June 22, 2019

Photos: Grassfire breaks out in Miżieb

Firefighters from Civil Protection were called to grassfires which started in the Miżieb woodlands earlier this morning.

Newsbook.com.mt was informed that this is not the first case of this kind, as the rising heat has been causing several fires around Malta countryside.

The authorities are appealing to local councils to take care to remove weeds from open or public spaces. Farmers are also encouraged to remove dry grass from sun exposed areas.

As for cigarettes, the authorities appeal to the public to dispose of them correctly and not in spaces that could be dangerous and could cause fires.