Grain – tailored to your needs

New concept – three restaurants under one roof.

Grain is set in a spacious palazzo in the heart of Valletta and is inspired by the trade of a tailor, which has a range of analogies when compared to a restaurant. Best tailors and best restaurants source the best possible materials to make sure the end result is of the highest quality.

“With Grain – that is exactly what we want to achieve. Create dining experiences and allowing the guest to choose the type of experience they are after,” Claire Zammit Xuereb, AX Group’s Director of Hospitality explains the concept.

At street level, Grain offers a casual dining experience with small plates to share and no set rules.  “The menu’s central focus is sharing. We want this place to be your regular haunt for a tasty bite to eat, an espresso with your paper or a quick drink with colleagues after work,” Ms Zammit Xuereb points out.

underGrain aims to deliver a sense of harmony, artfulness and order

Downstairs offers a different approach. underGrain gives the opportunity to immerse oneself in an environment of informal luxury and enjoy a more refined experience. Inspired by French classic cuisine, underGrain aims to deliver a sense of harmony, artfulness and order.

Six starters, six main dishes and five desserts aim to give our guests the best the restaurant has to offer. The food together with our beverages, service and ambience have been assembled to provide those people dining at underGrain with a classic experience in an environment of informal luxury.

overGrain – the ideal space for a relaxed drink

“To complete the senses we have overGrain. With a breathtaking view and a relaxed and informal atmosphere, of rooftop garden, its an ideal space for a relaxed drink at an event,” she continues.

In an era dominated by automation and convenience, just like a high-end tailor, the chefs wanted to honor the skills their hands were born with and offer guests unique experiences under one roof.