Photos: Gozitan NGO lends helping hand to health authorities in Covid-19 crisis

Volunteers and staff from the Emergency Response & Rescue Corps, which is a Gozo-based voluntary, charitable and non-profit organization that aims to prevent and alleviate emergency situations involving people at risk, have been assisting local authorities for the last three months to tackle numerous challenges that arose during the Covid-19 pandemic in Gozo.

A press release issued by the ERRC details the assistance provided, which consists of a variety of interventions, namely:

  • The transportation of symptomatic patients who have no transport from their residence or from old-people homes to the Xewkija swabbing centre;
  • Assisting the operations at the Xewkija swabbing centre by ERRC personnel with logistics regarding office work and preparation of swabs on a daily basis;
  • Directing and controlling patients at the Xewkija swabbing centre on a daily basis as patients queued up in their vehicles in preparation to be swabbed;
  • The use of ERRC ambulances to transport physically challenged persons from various locations around Gozo to the Xewkija swabbing centre;
  • Screening of general public at various locations around Gozo by ERRC personnel using non-invasive temperature measurement devices.
  • Assisting the Gozitan Foundation for Social Welfare Services in the transportation and distribution of State Funded Food Supplies to vulnerable families around Gozo using ERRC vans and trucks.

The number of swab tests carried out in Gozo until the 4th of May amounted to 2,021, as explained by the Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne in Parliament.

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